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version 2.01 [Monday, January 3, 2000]
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Dreams come a size too big so that we can grow into them.
original source: Josie Bisset
submitted by: Janna Nuytens


May this New Year bring you:
Enough HOPE to keep you happy,
Enough TRIALS to keep you strong,
Enough HAPPINESS to keep you cheerful,
Enough SORROW to keep you human,
Enough SUCCESS to keep you eager
Enough FAILURE to keep you humble,
Enough FRIENDS to give you comfort,
Enough WEALTH to meet your needs
Enough ENTHUSIASM to look forward
Enough FAITH to banish depression
Enough DETERMINATION to make each day better than the day before!
submitted by Jeanne Ludjack


I have some big news for you! A group of ripple creators are creating a
new foundation, tentatively named “Project Ripple: A Foundation for Hope &
Peace” in order to:
1. RECOGNIZE people who create ripples of hope and peace for others
2. INSPIRE all of us to create more ripples.

Our first few projects are ambitious:
* anonymous marketing effort designed to inspire people to create ripples
* series of mini-grants offered to nonprofit organizations for use to take
care of staff/volunteers
* award system for Ripples subscribers and others to nominate
ripple-creators (ripplers?)

Wanna help? We will be keeping Ripples subscribers well-informed to the
many ways you can contribute your time and energy. In the short term, we
need to establish a pool of funds to begin our work. If you have a few
dollars (or a few dozen dollars) to spare, we’d appreciate your support!
At this time, donations would NOT be tax-deductible. Hopefully within one
year we will have gained tax-exempt status. Send checks to: STONE SOUP
SEMINARS, 1911 Sherman Ave #4, Madison WI 53704. THANKS!

Peace to you,

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