Every Monday since 1999, Paul has been sending out Ripples, an email containing two upbeat quotes submitted by readers (Pebble, Boulder) and something to think about for the week (Ponder). Enjoy recent issues below, and farther down you can use the keyword cloud or search bar to dive into our archive of over 1,100 issues. Have a quote that might make a good Pebble or Boulder? Submit it here!

Ripples #1252: Investing Energy Wisely

An invitation is an opportunity and not a command.
-Ann Voskamp, shared by Carolyn in Blacksburg, VA


The best way to invest your emotional energy wisely is to get comfortable saying no thank you.…
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Ripples #1205: Catching Your Breath

Sometimes the most important thing in a whole day is the rest we take between two deep breaths.
-Etty Hillesum, shared by Maren in Germany


darling one—
you precious mess—
you exhausted, grieving, hollowed, hallowed, hallelujah of a human—
today, if even for a moment, may you feel:
your own courageous beating heart
your chest rising and falling with breath
which is spirit
which is lifeforce
keeping pulse
marking time
finding space—
regardless of how you are feeling
no matter what you are capable of
or not—
and, just for a moment
may you find rest
a bit of ease, held
in that sacred rhythm
that cannot be
without you
because you, you precious mess,
have breath and heart and lifeforce
pulsing through you, yet.…
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