Ripples v1.50: Ripples of HOLIDAYS, part 2

RIPPLES: a free weekly dose of inspiration
version 1.50 [Monday, December 27, 1999]
©1999 Stone Soup Seminars


Unless you walk out into the unknown,
the odds of making a profound difference
in your life are pretty low.
original source: Tom Peters
submitted by: Lissa


I cannot change the world.
I can only change myself,
and the world around me changes
because of me.
Then the world
is that much of a better place
for me to live in.
written and submitted by: Breanne Albrecht


Whew. It was a year ago at this time that a few of us were developing a
quirky little idea. Not super creative, not really that difficult to
implement. The idea was to gather a group of people who enjoy
inspirational quotes via email. 50 weeks ago the first Ripple went out to
60 people who agreed to pilot this quirky idea. Who would have known 50
weeks ago that this final Ripple of 1999 would go out to over 2,500 people?

Well, Ripples are evolving with some exciting new twists that will be
uncovered in the coming weeks. I hope you can spend a few moments this
week appreciating our collective effort in developing these tiny ripples,
and anticipating what magnificent ripples YOU will create in 2000.

Keep those QUALITY submissions coming!

Peace to you,

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