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When faced with a challenge, look for a way, not a way out.
original source: David L. Weatherford
submitted by: Manal Yamout


I don’t divide the world into
the weak and the strong,
or the successes and the failures,
those that make it and those who don’t.

I divide the world into
the learners and the nonlearners.

There are people who learn,
who are open to what happens around them,
who listen, who hear the lessons.

When they do something stupid,
they don’t do it again.
And when they do something that works a little bit,
they do it even better and harder the next time.

The question to ask is not
whether you are a success or a failure,
but whether you are a learner or a nonlearner.

original source: Benjamin Barber
submitted by: Francesca Kerr


I spent my first few days of this new year in Miami with a group of coaches
committed to helping take young tennis players to the next level. We were
sharing the frustration of working with individuals who are right on the
edge of moving to the next level of greatness, but who simply fail to take
the step.

Such barriers to development are often not due to a lack of knowledge or
skill, but instead arise from the inability to recognize the strengths they

What step can you take this week that will demonstrate to yourself and to
the world that you are ready to move to the next level? Take a moment
right now to write that step on your “to do” list and make sure it gets
accomplished before Friday!



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