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Ripples, version 1.10 [3/22/99]: An electronic postcard from Stone Soup


Develop your imagination.
You can use it to create in your mind
what you hope to create in your life.
Original Source: First Thinks First Every Day, by Stephen R. Covey, A.
Roger Merrill and Rebecca R. Merrill
Submitted by: Lori Reed


To tack a boat,
To sail a zigzag course
is not to deny our destination or our destiny,
despite how it may appear to those who never dare
to take the tiller in their hand.

Just the opposite:
it is to recognize the obstacles that stand between ourselves
and where we want to go,
and then to maneuver with patience and fortitude,
making the most of each leg of our journey
until we reach our landfall.

Original Source: A Panel on the AIDS Memorial Quilt
Submitted by: Eric Tammes


Last Thursday was a double delight day in Beaver Dam, Wisconsin where I
spent an afternoon with (another) fine group of Public Safety
Telecommunicators and then bipped over to huddle with the crew from
Lutheran Social Services. Both of the workshops were on compassion fatigue
and combatting burnout, and we included a module on setting healthy
boundaries. The dictionary has this to say about boundaries: limit; an
extent beyond which an activity or function cannot or should not take
place. We helpers are not very good at saying NO because we want to please
EVERYONE. But if we extend ourselves too far, we are no good for ANYONE.
Do you need to set some limits this week? GO FOR IT!

Peace to you! -ptw

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