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Ripples, version 1.09 [3/15/99]: An electronic postcard from Stone Soup Seminars


Know your limits and don’t limit your Nos.
Original Source: unknown
Submitted by Chris Hageman


Some days are better than others,
and some days are best forgotten,
but as the fading light marks the days end,
think on the good things in life,
things innocent and true,
and fall asleep dreaming of the promise tomorrow brings.
Original Source: Expect Good Things by Lynne Gerard
Submitted by: Laura M. Bethke


I spent Friday of this week helping a passionate group develop a staff
retreat that will take place in May. Of course we are planning plenty of
team building activities, and we have some goals about exploring customer
service and getting the whole team involved. We were also trying to figure
out how to classify the “fun” parts of the retreat. Should it go under the
“team building part,” because effective teams have fun together? Or should
it go in the “customer service” part because employees give better service
when they are having fun. Someone who had been fairly quiet for most of
the day asked, “What about fun just for the sake of having fun?” And we
knew she hit on something awesome! Fun is important because, well, because
Fun is important! YOUR ASSIGNMENT: Have some fun this week, not because
it will make you a better person or more effective in your work. Have some
fun just to have some fun!

Peace to you! -ptw

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