Ripples #907: The Fling Itself!

Ripples #907: The Fling Itself.
Oct 10, 2016


It’s not the thing you fling, it’s the fling itself.
-Chris Stevens (Northern Exposure), shared by Melissa in Westfield, IN


You pick up bits and pieces of treasure and trash, pain and pleasure, passions and disappointments, and you start throwing them in your bag: your bag of experience. You do some dumb things that don’t work out at all. You stumble excitedly on little gems that you never saw coming. And you stuff them all in your bag. You pursue the things you love and believe in. You cast off the images of yourself that don’t fit. And suddenly you look behind you and a pattern emerges. What we have once enjoyed we can never lose. All that we love deeply becomes a part of us.
-Jodie Foster (2006 Commencement Address), shared by Nick in New Jersey


It’s less about what car we drive; it’s more about how carefully we drive.
It’s less about what we choose to wear; it’s more about how we carry ourselves.
It’s less about what happens to us; it’s more about how we respond to life’s inevitable challenges.
It’s less about which school or workplace we choose; it’s more about how fully we embrace the opportunities to learn and grow.
It’s less about whether we fall; it’s more about how quickly we hop back up.

Our life eventually becomes a complex mosaic of experiences and possessions and interactions. The end result is less about how others view your mosaic; it’s more about arranging the pieces to create patterns and meanings worth admiring either because of the joy they brought into your life or for the important learnings they provided. And hopefully lots of both!

Fling well, my friend.

The Ripples Guy

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