Ripples #906: Heart Pieces.

Ripples #906: Heart Pieces.
Oct 3, 2016


If your heart is broken, make art with the pieces.
-Shane Koyczan, shared by Leslie in Madison, WI


Let your heart break daily.
In conversation. Over song lyrics.
During the pause right before the sun rises.
While you’re sipping coffee + looking into
the eyes of someone talking about something they love.
For it’s when we break a little – we come alive.
It’s in this space of healing,
we get to expand.
And it’s here, in our vulnerability and openness,
we step into our greatest selves.
-Danielle Doby, shared by Leslie in Madison, WI


Someone reached out to me last week with difficult news about heart break. She was let down at the last minute by someone she thought she was going to spend her whole life with. I trusted my gut and reached out to Team Ripples on Facebook, and sure enough…there were other people who had been through similar experiences and lived to tell about it. You can see the advice they shared here:

A few weeks earlier I posted on Facebook an exchange I had with a woman whose heart was shattered after her mother died. It didn’t take long for several other people who had lost a parent in a similar way to step forward and connect with each other. That note is posted here:

Hearts can break in so many ways, and I think each wound is unique depending upon the circumstances and how it impacts the people affected. I recently started using the green heart emoji as a reminder that our hearts continue to grow and heal even after the really tough stuff. We have all endured unexpected difficulty that has left our heart in pieces, and whether yours is more recent or from long ago, this is what I know: you’re here, so you made it to today. I hope you keep going and keep growing, and I hope you remember that we’re often stronger after the broken parts heal. And you can view scars as evidence of past wounds OR as proof of your capacity to heal. Choose wisely.

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