Ripples #908: Let Yourself In!

Ripples #908: Let Yourself In!
Oct 17, 2016


The universe buries strange jewels deep within us all, and then stands back to see if we can find them.
-Elizabeth Gilbert, shared by Holly in Phoenix, AZ


The core of yourself is never lost. Let go of all the pretending and becoming you’ve done just to belong. Curl up with your rawness and come home. You don’t have to find yourself; you just have to let yourself in.
-d. antoinette foy, shared by Leslie in Madison, WI


The process of identifying quote pairs to make a good Pebble/Boulder combo is a little like playing a game of Concentration/Memory where you spread out a deck of cards face down and turn over two cards at a time with the goal of finding matches.

I think these are both aces, although I confess I’ve been worrying they might not work well together since one of them implies an inner search while the other suggests we need to stop searching.

After placing them side by side for a few weeks, I gradually came to experience them as complementary clues for the Inner Exploration so many of us seem to be on lately. The pebble suggests we have gifts buried within; the boulder gently reminds us that we are not only the seekers of treasure, we are the gatekeepers as well.

If your search for self has been spinning its wheels lately, what if you set aside the treasure map and acknowledge what you already know about yourself? Consider the gifts you’ve acquired, the talents you’ve cultivated, the achievements you’ve gained, and even the difficulties you’ve conquered that created opportunities to grow stronger and wiser. Let yourself know all of this; let yourself delight in it; let yourself in!

The Ripples Guy

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