Ripples #614: Chances Taken?

Ripples #614: Chances Taken?
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Feb 28, 2011


It’s not the opportunities given,
but the chances taken!
-written & submitted by Unique Zebal, Eureka CA


Take a chance!
All life is chance.
The person who goes furthest
is generally the one who is
willing to do and dare.
-Dale Carnegie, submitted by Katherine, Milwaukee WI


Good news! We don’t need to succeed in order to benefit from a chance
taken, because we often become braver and stronger and wiser even if the
desired outcome isn’t achieved. We learn from our mistakes, and our
perspective shifts with the added experience.

We don’t need guarantees of success, we just need to be confident that we
will scoot closer to our ideal selves. Of course we need to consider the
risks and make sure we have properly prepared; at some point, though, we
need to trust the process and just go for it.

On your mark, get set… GO!


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