Ripples #615: Show Yourself!

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Ripples #615: Show Yourself!
For our tribe of 27,310 busy people who share encouragement and gratitude.
Mar 7, 2011

Make visible what, without you,
might perhaps have never been seen.
-Robert Bresson

When you allow your best self
to shine through
and have the courage to believe
in unlimited possibilities,
you will discover
how wonderfully magnificent
you truly are!
-written & submitted by Elizabeth Hyland

It may be time to take a deep breath and remind yourself that you really
are, as Ms. Hyland states above, Magnificent. And being Magnificent means
that you cannot simply shirk in the shadows, nor can you collapse into a
heap because you feel overwhelmed or defeated by the (real) challenges life
is presenting to you lately.

Your colleagues, your neighbors, your community, and indeed everyone in the
entire world desperately needs you to release your Magnificence this week.
So take one more moment to catch your breath and then hop up, dust yourself
off, and then give us your absolute best self. Please, and thank you.


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