Ripples #613: Quirky You!

Ripples #613: Quirky You!
For our tribe of 27,232 busy people who share encouragement and gratitude.
Feb 21, 2011


Masquerading as a normal person
day after day is exhausting.
-source unknown, submitted by Linda, Omaha NE


You know those things about yourself
that you’re self conscious of?
Those quirks that you’re trying to hide?
Those are not your weaknesses,
those are your strengths.
-Terry Border, submitted by Becky S., Chicago


Do you often think that you are you weird?
Have others said you are weird?
If so, this is good news!

Being “weird” means you are different, and once you embrace the fact that
you are different you can move on to understand that your particular “weird”
is desperately needed to make the world a better place.

How do I know this with such certainty? Because here you are in the world!
You are YOU for a reason, and you are HERE for a reason. Imagine a whole
crowd of people chanting,
“You’re Here! You’re Weird! You’re Awesome! Get used to it!”


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