Ripples #866: Whimsical Graces.

Ripples #866: Whimsical Graces.
Dec 28, 2015


Life, with its grinding requirements and whimsical graces, seems to unfold in its own mysterious style and time frame.
-Heidi Petersen,
written and shared by Heidi in Boulder, CO via her annual holiday letter


Rest in knowing that you are a divine part of What Is. Invite yourself to be a conscious participant in the beautiful and mysterious unfolding without needing to be responsible for it.
-Pat Matson
written and shared by Pat in Cincinnati, OH


As we wrap up another year of Ripply adventures, I’m pleased to end 2015 with the quotes above that were written and shared by people I’m lucky enough to know personally.

The first quote is from a childhood neighbor-friend who decades ago relocated to a far away land called Boulder. Visiting her family after they moved out there introduced me to my soul’s home: the Colorado Rockies. The second quote grew out of a ripply email exchange with my Cincinnati neighbor-friend and Bruegger’s Buddy, Pat, who helped confirm that Cincy should become my new home base.

If your 2015 has been similar to mine, you’ve faced plenty of “grinding requirements.” Hopefully you’ve also been able to savor the “whimsical graces” that are almost always around even when they are difficult to spot. I suspect that the most satisfying way to say goodbye to the year is to express gratitude for both the delights that made the year special as well as the disappointments that have hopefully generated growth. Even if you’re saying GOOD RIDDANCE to some particularly painful experiences, you can still choose to pause briefly and notice how you’re a little stronger and a little wiser because of them.

And then, with a wink and a nod 2016 will arrive in a few days to provide a fresh batch of experiences: Hopefully with a little less grind and a little more whimsy. See you next year!


The Ripples Guy
P.S. To the quote submitters, the feedback sharers, and even the quiet readers: I’m ever so grateful that you’ve been a part of Team Ripples this year; I hope you’ll stick around as we Ripple our way into the new year. Without you, I’m just a dude splashing around by himself in a teeny little kiddie pool. With you along for the adventure, we’re changing currents and learning how to ride the waves. Namasté.

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