Ripples #865: Enoughness.

Ripples #865: Enoughness.
Dec 21, 2015


Be happy with what you have.
Be excited about what you want.
-Alan Cohen, shared by Melinda in Madison, WI


A life of enough is born in every moment–in the way we listen, the way we respond to the world, the way we see what is and tell the truth of who we are. Every single choice, every single moment, every change of course can bring us closer to a life of peace, contentment, authenticity, and easy sufficiency, a life of being, having, and doing enough.
-Wayne Muller, shared by Jane in Irvine, CA


As many Ripplers prepare to gather with family and/or friends to celebrate Christmas, it’s good to recognize the unique mix of joy and anxiety that comes along with giving and receiving gifts. We want others who be surprised and delighted with what is under the tree as much as we want to enjoy the gifts we receive. And so along with visions of sugar-plums, we have plenty of worries swirling in our heads: Have we selected the right gifts? Did we buy enough? Will we get enough?

I’m guessing that most of us who are part of Team Ripples have very few unmet NEEDS when it comes to the essentials (food, shelter, clothing) and therefore have the good fortune of spending time and energy contemplating and acquiring our WANTS. It can be useful to gently remind ourselves and our loved ones that with all the social mediaing and marketing we’re exposed to, it is virtually impossible to satisfy our endless cravings for the shiniest objects, newest fashions, and latest gadgets. There’s just so much muchness out there to crave!

The good news is that we can maximize the magic of this time of year as we mindfully seek the right mix of savoring what we’ve already received and sharing our bounty with others: family, friends, neighbors and also those in need whose paths may not cross ours directly but are still a part of our world and deserve a place in our hearts. When we delight in our Enoughness, unwrapping presents becomes less about what’s inside the box and more about what’s inside our hearts (which, according to Grinchy legend, has the capacity to grow three sizes in one day!).

Enjoy your holiday, and enjoy your Enoughness!

The Ripples Guy

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