Ripples #1071: Unbusying

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Ripples #1071: Unbusying
Dec 2, 2019


There is nothing in nature that blooms all year long, so don’t expect yourself to do so either.
-liryae, shared by Molly in Pueblo, CO


Stop the glorification of busy.
Busy, in and of itself, is not a badge of honor.
It is okay to not be busy.
Repeat this with me:
It is okay to not be busy.
-Joshua Becker, shared by Diane in Appleton, WI


There are so many things that need to get accomplished in December as we wrap up the year. Many of us have shopping lists and travel plans on top of all the wrap-up-another-year STUFF that makes up our crazy-full, wonderful lives.

Feeling pressure to add some acts of self-care to an already over-burdened schedule may seem to radiate stress instead of relieving it, so perhaps a wiser invitation is to ask ourselves, “How can I unbusy myself?”

Are there some chores that can be delayed (or done with a nod to mediocrity instead of a tribute to perfection)? Can some invitations be politely declined? Is there a way to make a distinction between projects that you’d enjoy undertaking if you had more time, and things that you absolutely want to make time for…and then removing (for now) any of the former so you can absolutely make time for the latter?

Asking yourself these questions may help you create the time and space in your schedule for the essentials you need to focus on to get through this time of year.

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