Ripples #1072: Inward Journey

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Ripples #1072: Inward Journey
Dec 9, 2019


Use your inner resources to remain empowered when fears from the past rush up behind you. Trust your own path. Allow others to follow theirs.
-The Dreaming Realm via Kiva Lodge, shared by Lauranne in Madison, WI


Seekers of love and truth have only one journey to travel. When we embark on that journey, the outside world benefits greatly. We begin to make decisions that are not only good for ourselves, but also good for everyone and everything else in the universe. In fact, the inward journey is the journey of the inner and outer world at the same time.
-Michael Ketterhagen, shared by Kelsey in Fond du Lac, WI


This is a time of year when many of us are in travel mode, getting ready to visit family and friends or taking the last few work trips of the year. To make the most of them, these journeys require the right combination of planning, patience and persistence.

These are also useful tools to have for the inward journeys we occasionally need to take. You know, those introspective trips we take to understand our past, contemplate our present circumstances, and prepare for what’s ahead in our lives.

I find it useful to create some time and space at the end of the year for an inward journey of ponderance. If life feels too busy and hectic for such shenanigans, perhaps you can look at your January calendar and actually block off an appointment (or two? or three?) for such an internal trek. With a little planning, a dollop of patience, and a bit of persistence, it is a worthwhile and wonderful journey.

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