Ripples #800: The Gift!

Ripples #800: The Gift!


Life is a gift,
and it offers us the privilege,
opportunity, and responsibility
to give something back
by becoming more.
-Anthony Robbins, shared by Amy in Brookfield, WI


We cannot live for ourselves alone.
Our lives are connected
by a thousand invisible threads,
and along these sympathetic fibers,
our actions run as causes
and return to us as results.
-Herman Melville, shared by David in Los Alamos, CA


800 Mondays ago, back in January of 1999, we made a teeny splash by sending out our very first issue of Ripples. Some of the 75 people who agreed to help me pilot this experiment in nurturing kindness are still on the list, and thousands more have joined us along the way.

From the beginning, we hoped to create a continuous stream of joyful and useful reminders that our smallest actions create ongoing and often significant ripples of influence. It has been a great honor to coordinate and facilitate these Ripples, and we would never have made it this far without the countless quote submissions and notes of encouragements you have offered. Each of them has been a gift that has allowed us to keep on giving.

Join me in celebrating our 800th Ripple with a simple gift of unexpected kindness to a friend or stranger today. It will improve their day, and yours, and mine too!


(((The Ripples Guy)))

P.S. You may peek at our archive of 800 Ripples, but I ask your patience if it loads slowly as our website is not designed for heavy simultaneous traffic. It might be better to come back on Monday afternoon or later in the week!

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