Ripples #799: Enough.

Ripples #799: Enough.


You are enough.
You are so enough.
It’s unbelievable
how enough you are.
-Sierra Boggess, shared by Miranda in Green Bay, WI


Never forget that
you are one of a kind.
Never forget that
if there weren’t any need
for you in all your uniqueness
to be on this earth,
you wouldn’t be here
in the first place.
-R. Buckminster Fuller, shared by Simon in Seattle, WA


Contemplate the possibility that you are okay exactly where you’re at right now, doing exactly what you’re doing, being exactly the person you’ve grown into at this particular moment in this particular lifetime.

Embracing the reality that you’re okay just as you are doesn’t lock you into a complacency of declining tomorrow’s invitation to grow, shift, adapt, improve, explore, and expand. In fact, acknowledging just how ENOUGH you are right now might free up more energy for tomorrow’s adventures.

Paul Wesselmann
((( The Ripples Guy )))

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