Ripples #801: Do Something!

Ripples #801: Do Something!


The grass isn’t greener on the other side;
it’s greener where you water it.
-written and shared by Leslie in Madison, WI


Stand up to your obstacles
and do something about them.
You will find that they haven’t
half the strength you think they have.
-Norman Vincent Peale, shared by Chris in Denver, CO


If you’re frustrated or overwhelmed or otherwise stuck with a project (or with your life), the first thing you may need to do is pause and catch your breath because sometimes our tanks are running on fumes and a good rest can act as fuel.

Eventually, though, you’ve got to take action. You have to do something. And if that doesn’t work, you need to try something else. I know you wish it could be easier, and I know you deserve to have it be easier. But it’s just not working out to be as easy as you hoped. And the way out of this is to take persistent action until it works. If that means asking for help, stand up and holler for help! If that means trying something you’re nervous about, TRY IT!

I’m not claiming it will be easy. I’m claiming it will be worth it, and even if it doesn’t work out just right, you’ll have learned something and grown a bit. The next attempt will surely be more successful, right?


(((The Ripples Guy)))

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