Ripples v9.34: Busy & Important!

Ripples v9.34: Busy & Important!
8/20/07: a free weekly splash from Paul & The Ripples Project


By having the courage to be yourself
you put something wonderful in the world
that was not there before.
– Edwin Elliot, submitted by Terri H., Franklin WI


Why waste time
comparing yourself
to others?

No one
in the entire world
can do a better job
of being you
than you.
-Bob Moawad, submitted by Peggy N., Tucson AZ


Every year around this time, I have the great good fortune to visit two of my favorite groups: Central Michigan, and University of North Carolina – Asheville. Uh-oh….


I need to pause here a moment and explain that very often I begin the “Ponder” by mentioning places I have recently visited. I like to welcome the new Ripples subscribers from there and give subscribers who know me a quick update on my adventures. Many people have told me they enjoy reading these, and I have also received a few comments that it comes off like I am trying to sound BUSY and IMPORTANT.

So, let me clear something up: I AM busy and important…
…just like YOU and every other person on Ripples!

My busyness may look different because I spend lots of time in airports and hotels, and it is true that many days when I go to work people clap for me. I humbly accept my importance because of all the very important jobs that the OTHER people in the room have: nurses and educators and credit union teams and student leaders and students and parents and support staff and service folks and managers and well, YOU TOO! I figured out a long time ago that my job on this planet is to help all the BUSY and IMPORTANT people I encounter seek more effectiveness and more joy in life.

So, I’ll say this to the Safari Guides at CMU, the Summit Crew & new students and UNCA, and each and every one of you: Take a moment from your BUSY week and celebrate the fact that you are very IMPORTANT to *ME* and many other people!

Oh, and get ready, dear Ripplers, because SPLASH, The Ripples Car, may want to come visit you and your organization…details to come….


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