Ripples v9.33: Pulling Apart!

Ripples v9.33: Pulling Apart!
8/13/07: a free weekly splash from Paul & The Ripples Project


It’s never easy to leave your family to attend college or take a new job.
However, the rest of the world benefits because
a little of piece of that town and all of its inhabitants are carried with you.
-unknown blogger, submitted by Heather S., Beaumont TX


Letting go is seldom easy-
whether it’s letting go of our children,
our parents, or our childhood feelings.
But just as the root systems of plants
often have to be divided
for healthy growth to continue,
the different generations within a family
may have to pull apart for a while
for each to find its own healthy identity.
-Fred Rogers, submitted by Toni W., McHenry IL


Many of us are in “back to school” mode and if you (or a family member or friend) are a student, educator or school administrator, the fall semester can be a difficult time. This is especially true when it creates a new chapter in your life: new school, new job, etc. Change is usually challenging because we are grieving the loss of “the way things were” and we just aren’t sure what things are going like. I hope you remember that ever since the day you were born you have been constantly adapting and growing and changing. You are better at it than you realize!

So if you or someone you know is about to start a new chapter, remember to pack a little piece of the past and accept this truth: the journey make temporarily pull you apart from loved ones AND it may also help you find new people to love!

Get ready, get set, PULL!


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