Ripples v9.08: Facing Fears!

By February 18, 2007Ripples

Ripples v9.08: Facing Fears!
2/19/07: a free splash from Paul & The Ripples Project

=o=o=o=o=o=o=o= PEBBLE =o=o=o=o=o=o=o=o

Never let the fear of striking out get in your way.
-George Herman “Babe ” Ruth, submitted by Barbara R., Phillips WI

=o=o=o=o=o=o=o= WAVE =o=o=o=o=o=o=o=o

Can you give an “Apple Mango Tango” wave
to new Ripplers from Procter & Gamble, and an
“Inventive” wave to those from Hewlett-Packard?

=o=o=o=o=o=o=o= BOULDER =o=o=o=o=o=o=o

Having courage
does not mean
that we are unafraid.
Having courage and
showing courage
means we face our fears.
We are able to say,
I have fallen,
but I will get up.
-Maya Angelou, submitted by Sara M., Madison WI

=o=o=o=o=o=o=o= PONDER =o=o=o=o=o=o=o=o

What could happen if you chose some object, task, or person that you are afraid of and just for today, just one day, you moved through the day as though you were not afraid anymore? What possibilities might exist if you faced your fears? Hmmmmm…..


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