Ripples v9.09: Good Work!

Ripples v9.09: Good Work!
2/26/07: a free splash from Paul & The Ripples Project


You’ve achieved success in your field when you don’t know
whether what you are doing is work or play.
-Warrren Beatty, submitted by Sarah B., Burlington WI


A “bold new” wave to our new friends from
Kohler Credit Union who joined us this week!


Work is not something we have to do.
It is something we have the opportunity to do
that adds depth and texture to our lives.
-source unknown, submitted by Mary H., OH

It’s not so much how busy you are,
but why you are busy.
The bee is praised.
The mosquito is swatted.
-Mary O’Connor, submitted by Henry S, Neenah WI


As I get ready to hunker down and watch the Oscars tonight, I am hoping that each of you has been recognized for your GOOD WORK!

For some of us, our GOOD WORK is actually at our job. Others shine at school, community service, a hobby, or raising a family. Wherever you do your thing, I hope you find it deeply rewarding. That will always be better than a little gold statue on the mantle, and as (Oscar winner) Warren Beatty suggests in this week’s pebble, it will make life much more fun!


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