Ripples v7.47: Ripples of STORIES!

Ripples v7.47: Ripples of STORIES!
12/12/05: your FREE weekly splash from Paul & The Ripples Project


Life should be lived such that you are either
creating new stories or
telling the ones you already have.
-written and submitted by Josh K., Milwaukee WI


Embrace this right now life
while it’s dripping,
while the flavors are
excellently wholesome.

Take your bites with
bravery and boldness
since the learning and the growing
are here in these times,
these exact right nows.
Capture these times.

Hold and kiss them because
it will soon be very different.
-Jill Scott, submitted by Sharon S. (from Portland OR I think!)


Something happened to you recently that was a little out of the ordinary, right?

It was hilarious or sad or frustrating or fun or entertaining or dramatic. If the event was uplifting, sharing it with others might brighten their day. If, on the other hand, it was a”less than positive” experience, well it will surely help to tell someone so you can take any useful learnings and then move beyond the yuckiness. One of the central reasons language evolved was to share stories; many cultures have preserved their history through story telling.

I would like for you to share a story with someone this week. Call someone you have been out of touch with just to tell them about that weird coincidence that happened yesterday, or share a funny tidbit when you’re standing in a line. Maybe a longer email detailing a challenge you’ve been facing will help them understand why you’ve been out of touch lately.

Whomever, whenever, whatever: just tell your story, baby!!

p.s. For those who have seen in the news or discussed the “Happy Holidays” vs. “Merry Christmas” issue, I would urge everyone to keep in mind that folks on both sides are trying to spread positive feelings and have good intentions. Stop arguing and start celebrating for goodness sakes! And Happy Hol…, Merry Chri….uhm…….ENJOY TODAY!

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