Ripples v7.48: Ripples of BURNING BRIGHTER!

Ripples v7.48: Ripples of BURNING BRIGHTER!
12/19/05: your FREE weekly splash from Paul & The Ripples Project


Whenever you see darkness,
there is extraordinary opportunity for the light to burn brighter.
-Bono, submitted by Jill B., Fennimore WI


I’ve noticed a belief that somehow optimism lacks intelligence
and that optimism stems from a lack of experience and naivete.
I don’t believe that.
I believe optimism is a choice.
Cynicim isn’t smarter, it’s just safer.
-Jewl, submitted by Dana M., Waukesha


If you are facing a challenge this week that is extra frustrating or difficult or just plain ole poopy, I dare you to practice optimism and see the wonderful possibility in the challenge. If that doesn’t work, stand up and let out a big whine and at the top of your lungs scream “This is just AWFUL and it shouldn’t be happening!” After you let that out, go back and re-read ripples and try the optimism again!

p.s. I will be heading home from my retreat this week, so if you have sent any personal emails I will hopefully be able to plow through the pile and respond by Friday. Thanks ever so much for your patience.

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