Ripples v7.32: Ripples of WHAT MATTERS MOST!

Ripples v7.32: Ripples of WHAT MATTERS MOST!
Monday, August 29, 2005
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Things which matter most
must never be at the mercy of
things which matter least.
-Goethe, submitted by Yani D., Salem OR


How different our lives are
when we really know what is important to us,
and keeping that picture in mind,
we manage ourselves each day
to be and to do
what really matters most.
-Stephen R. Covey, submitted by Yani D., Salem OR


This week I returned home to hang out with the RAs at University of Wisconsin – Madison’s private residence halls and then drove down to fire up some new students at University of Illinois – Chicago. I spent Friday afternoon with student affairs staff and DePauw University and then helped their first year students celebrate their first week at college with a few laughs and a few things to ponder. After spending time with these groups, it is obvious that new students, those who work with students, and probably most of the rest of us face in our work and lives many more options and choices than we have ever had before. Success and happiness depends upon our ability to wade through those myriad options and decide which path to choose, which options are best for us.

It is my firm belief that much of our stress evolves from the incongruence between values and schedule. Your values are what is important to you, and your schedule is a list of how you spend your time. If you believe that family is important to you but a glance at your calendar doesn’t indicate some family time, your schedule is incongruent with your values. If you say “man, I need to study more” but you do not block off study time in your schedule, more incongruence and therefore more stress. The same is true for down time, fun time, solo time, social time, reflection/prayer time. I dare you to make sure you are marking some time on this week’s schedule to attend to WHAT MATTERS MOST. And then of course, you gotta DO IT!!


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