Ripples v7.33: SACRED RIPPLES!

Ripples v7.33: SACRED RIPPLES!
Monday, September 5, 2005


A [person] is ethical only when life, as such, is sacred to him,
that of plants and animals as that of his fellow men, and
when he devotes himself helpfully to all life that is in need of help.
-Albert Schweitzer, submitted by From Terry H., Franklin, WI


We do not come to believe in ourselves
until someone reveals that deep inside us
something is valuable,
worth listening to,
worthy of our trust,
sacred to our touch.
-source unknown, submitted by Terry H., Franklin WI


I am guessing that many of us have been overwhelmed by the events of last week in southeastern U.S.

Rebecca R. from Baton Rouge and a long time member of The Ripples Project requested we all send a big heap of encouragement/hope/love/prayers in their direction. Another great friend of ours, Marge A. from Madison, Wisconsin (where The Ripples Project is headquartered) informed us of a remarkable local effort: 48 hours after a social worker conceived an idea to provide housing for 20 families displaced by the hurricane, dozens of volunteers converged to begin preparing the twenty apartments that will hopefully be stocked with furniture, food, and a few months worth of supplies in the next few days. Physicians, dentists, and others have agreed to make their services available either free or at cost. Area churches quickly raised $10,000 on Sunday and of course much more will be needed. The displaced families are scheduled to arrive by the end of the week, and I am hoping we may be able to pitch in to help!

If you would be interested in helping Dane County, Wisconsin prepare for our small role in this massive relief effort, click here for more information: .

Many other organizations are attempting to raise funds also, and I would like your help in creating a massive sacred ripple (of hope, not water–they do not need any more water!!) to a few of them. The Ripples Project will match (up to $1,000) the total amount donated by Ripples members to the Red Cross and Second Harvest and DOUBLE match (up to $2,000) the total amount donated to the Katrina Disaster Fund which will be collected by the Dane County Credit Union for use in our local efforts to provide for the 20 families.

Please consider making a check to one of these organizations:
1) Katrina Disaster Fund,
2) American Red Cross, or
3) America’s Second Harvest

Mail your check TODAY to The Ripples Project, 1360 Regent St #342, Madison WI 53715
Checks must be received by September 16 so we can send them and the matching donation out to the respective organizations.
If you would rather donate directly, of course feel free to do that even though we won’t be matching those donations: , .

Of course, we have not forgotten our neighbors here in Wisconsin still struggling to rebuild their lives after 20+ tornadoes swept through just last month. Beyond them, there are so many people in so many places that are in need; if you do not feel called to participate in this sacred ripple, I encourage you to create your OWN sacred ripple in whatever direction you feel is needed!

To all of them, and to all of you, I send you a most sacred helping of….


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