Ripples v7.04: Ripples of NEW ADVENTURES!

Ripples v7.04: Ripples of NEW ADVENTURES!
Monday, January 24, 2005
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Security is an illusion. Life is either a daring adventure or it is nothing at all.
-Helen Keller, submitted by Michele C.


An adventure is only
an inconvenience rightly considered.
An inconvenience is only
an adventure wrongly considered.
– G. K. Chesterton, submitted by Lin H., Normal, IL


When we announced the closing of our online store a few weeks ago, I alluded to a new adventure and now I want to tell you more:

I have dived into an adventurous research project to explore this question:
Is kindness contagious?

I intend to seek real world examples of “viral kindness,” a term I use to describe intentional and accidental chains of compassion. You have probably heard of “Random Acts of Kindness,” and perhaps seen the movie “Pay It Forward.” I imagine that you or someone you know is wearing a yellow “Livestrong” band around your wrist that Lance Armstrong and Nike dreamed up to raise money for cancer research. Even the outpouring of support for the Tsunami victims may be evidence that when we hear about or are the recipients of kindness, we are more likely to commit a kind act.

In addition to learning about many kindness movements, I hope to talk with participants of these and other kindviruses to understand how they began and what keeps them going. My goal is to identify common characteristics of the most successful kindviruses and design some “kindness labs” to purposefully unleash kindness within specific groups (e.g. a community, organization, campus, etc.) and observe the reactions.

I need help with this, and if you’re interested please visit a special new spot of our community section to learn more:


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