Ripples v7.05: Ripples of SPEAKING UP!

Ripples v7.05: Ripples of SPEAKING UP!
Monday, February 1, 2005
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Speak your mind, even if your voice quakes.
-Maggie Kuhn, submitted by Kristl M., Whitefish Bay, WI


If you don’t say what you really mean,
then nobody will know who you really are.
-Bryan L. Hinnen, submitted by Bryan


Pretty please with Ripples on top!

I need you to SPEAK UP this week.

It is my goal this year to transform this newsletter and The Ripples Project into a more interactive community. While we have taken some good baby steps, this week we need to take a GIANT LEAP!

Many members have visited the Community Section on our website, and quite a few have even posted an introduction or a response to Ripples in the “Splashback” area. Ultimately, this section creates a transformative possibility of engaging in a community dialogue, so this week I ask you, beg you, DARE YOU to speak up!

There is a specific area of the community section called “Streams of Consciousness” (see link below) and I need a few dozen brave souls to post a question to us, or make a request for support, or tell us about some good news. Of course, we’ll then need a few HUNDRED of us to be brave enough to reply to these posts with our reactions! College students, IT folks, and some of us geeky folks who spend lots of time online will need to lead the way. There are 12,000+ Ripples members and many of them would be intrigued to respond to a question you have or provide a hearty “Congrats!” or “Hang in there!”

In order to post or reply to a post, you will need to be registered with a userid (just receiving Ripples doesn’t mean you have registered at the site) and you will need to be “logged in.” It may be a little confusing or frustrating at first if you have not registered or logged in–just hang in there because it will be worth it! There are some posts to guide you if you need help–look under the “first timers” section to find these.

If you feel The Ripples Project has made a splash in your life already, just you wait until we can experience the possibilities that exist as more members begin to SPEAK UP!

Click here to speak up at the Streams of Consciousness forum:

And yes, I know you have a gazillion things to do today. Trust me, though, you’ll benefit from this and so will The Ripples Project!!!


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