Ripples v6.25: Ripples of STRETCHING!

Ripples v6.25: Ripples of STRETCHING!
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“I must do something,” always solves more problems
than “Something must be done.”
-source unknown, submitted by Pat J. Wauwatosa, WI


Are you stretching
or are you learning?
There is a difference.

One involves effort;
the other is just lazy.
-Brad Wesselmann, submitted by Brad W., Castle Rock, CO


This week I returned to Oregon for another visit with my fellow
“seekers of wellness” at the 28th Seaside Health Promotion Conference.
Many of the attendees were experts in fitness and health education
and have pursued careers and hobbies that create opportunities
to teach people how to take better care of themselves. They all
know how useful stretching is before and after an exercise session;
I wanted them to remember that stretching MINDS and SOULS
are equally important tasks when striving for overall health!

Your challenge this week is to seek an opportunity to stretch.
Take a step outside of your comfort zone with an activity you
have resisted or procrastinated.

Whether it is a delayed work project, an avoided conversation,
or perhaps a little personal time you have denied yourself,
a more “well” you awaits!!


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