Ripples v6.24: Ripples of STAYING CLOSE!

Ripples v6.24: Ripples of STAYING CLOSE!
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A real friend is one who walks in
when the rest of the world walks out.
– source unknown, submitted by C.S., Cincinnati, OH


Beware of those who invite you
to be less than you are.
Stay close to those who dare you
to be more than you ever imagined.
-author unknown, submitted by Tami W., Stockton, CA


This week included spending time with “professional
helpers” who focus on serving the elderly. In a part of the
presentation about “attitude adjusting” I reminded them
of the awesome value in “Choosing Your Team.”

Most of us spend many minutes a day interacting with others:
colleagues, friends, family, customers (clients/members/etc.),
strangers, and so on…. If I asked you to identify a few people
who engage and energize you, I’m hoping you could name
a handful. I bet you could also list a few folks who, when you
are around them, drain your energy (or, as I like to say, “suck
the lifeforce out of you!”). Perhaps this week you need to
begin consciously choosing to spend MORE time with someone
on the first list, and LESS time with someone from the second list.

And don’t just THINK about it, DO IT!!!


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