Ripples v6.02: Ripples of DECISIONS!

Ripples v6.02: Paul’s Free Weekly Splash of Inspiration for 10,000+



When you make a decision, the universe conspires to make it happen.
-Ralph Waldo Emerson, submitted by Emily K.


Really believe in your heart of hearts
that your fundamental purpose,
the reason for being,
is to enlarge the lives of others.
Your life will be enlarged also.

And all of the other things
we have been taught to concentrate on
will take care of themselves.
– Pete Thigpen, submitted by Julie B., West Bend, Wisconsin


This is the week and today is the day that you DECIDE. You will move
from considering the idea, pondering the options, or sitting on the
fence to choosing a path and taking it. If you are still in doubt,
take these powerful steps: Select an area in your life where a
Decision is needed; identify the available options and then as an
experiment FIRMLY COMMIT to a path for 24 hours. Immediately send an
email to someone telling her/him about your decision and for the rest
of the day let every thought, feeling, and action evolve as though
the Decision was the absolute best choice you have ever made.
Tomorrow morning when you wake up your head and your heart will
either affirm your Decision (and you can then celebrate!), OR you may
sense strong regret and you can then proceed down another path
knowing your first choice was not the best for now!

C’mon, I really want you to try this one!


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