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As one goes through life,
one learns that if you don’t
paddle your own canoe,
you don’t move.
– Katharine Hepburn, submitted by Debby S., Colfax, Wisconsin


We all live our lives in comfort zones,
avoiding risky situations, avoiding the potential to fail.
But in order to get ahead of your competition,
you’ve got to go out of your comfort zones.

Now, your comfort zone is something
you live in every day, your whole life.
You go to work and do what has to be done to get by.

You’ve got to try to do more.
Try that little new thing, that different approach.
Get out of your comfort zone and see if it works.
It may, it may not, but you’ll never know if you don’t try.
-Mary Lou Retton, submitted by Steve O., Chicago, Illinois


Welcome to 2004!

Some of us approach the new year as a fresh start, complete with
dreams of self improvement. Others have been disappointed by failed
past resolutions and are perhaps a little hesitant to attempt any
changes. I believe we can all benefit from taking some BIG STEPS at
this time of year, even if you choose not to formally commit to
specific goals. If you want to set specific objectives, take some
time this week to make sure your goals are SMART (specific,
measurable, attainable, realistic, and timed). Or feel free to
choose some general themes like “worry less” or “dream more” and find
some way to act it out TODAY!

Whatever your path, I hope you can dive into the day, the week, and
the year with a big smile and a fresh batch of hope!


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