Ripples v5.11: Ripples of KINDNESS!



Small kindnesses make a community whole and lift up all of its members.
-Ann M. Bauer


Kindness in word creates confidence,
Kindness in thinking creates profoundness,
Kindness in giving creates love.


This week found me in Madison hanging with a group of fellow trainers
as we explored the topic of networking, as well as a brief visit to
the Madison Area Chapter of Credit Unions’ Employee Appreciation
Night. In both presentations I challenged the audience to seek small
ways to spread kindness. Most of us accept the fact that when a
person receives kindness (even in the form of a tiny favor like
helping picking up stuff when we drop it in the parking lot) it feels
great. We need to also remember every act of kindness improves our
society. These acts remind us that we are all neighbors, that we
need each other, that our lives are made up of years which are made
up of weeks which are made up of days which are made up of moments.
And we need many bright moments so we can bear the bleak moments.

Keep your eyes and ears open today, seeking an opportunity to extend
kindness to someone. Then do us a quick favor: send us an email
describing what you did and how it felt!

Peace & kindness,

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