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People are like tea bags…….
if you want to know what’s inside them,
just drop them in hot water.
-source unknown, submitted by Linda R., Kingsland, GA


Indian wisdom says our lives are rivers.

We are born somewhere small and quiet
and we move toward a place we cannot see, but only imagine.
Along our journey, people and events flow into us,
and we are created of everywhere and everyone we have passed.
Each event, each person, changes us in some way.
Even in times of drought we are still moving and growing,
but it is during seasons of rain that we expand the most–
when water flows from all directions, sweeping at terrifying speed,
chasing against rocks, spilling over boundaries.
These are painful times, but they enable us to carry burdens
we could never have thought possible.

Floods are painful, but they are necessary.
They keep us clear and strong.
They move our lives onto new paths.
-Lisa Wingate, submitted by Jakcie M., Billings, MT


Was last week bad for you, too? Mine started off with a few “poopy”
days….I felt overwhelmed with tasks and underwhelmed with the
motivation to tackle them. By midweek I was cranky and before Friday
arrived I had angered a few people (whom I really care about) with
some careless comments.

Of course, bad times are always followed by good times and this
weekend found me visiting family in Atlanta where one of my sisters
was married (beautiful wedding, fun reception) and another sister
and I enjoyed the amazing new Cirque du Soleil touring show. As my
mood improved, I was able to squeeze in some “I’m sorry”
conversations and Sunday evening found me flying home relaxed,
refreshed, renewed.

I don’t like “poopy” days, but they always pass and they often end up
providing valuable lessons and opportunities for growth. I hope you
can re-examine some recent frustrations in your life and perhaps find
in them a new path for yourself!


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