Ripples v5.01: Ripples of HOPE!


Until you do what you believe in,
you don’t know whether you believe it or not.
-Leo Tolstoy, submitted by Charlene G., Pennsylvania


The real struggle in the world may not be between good and evil but
rather between hope and evil. Hope seems more active and creative
than the somewhat nebulous good. Hope aspires; good has arrived.
Good, like God lives outside time; hope keeps people alive, moving
forward, inside time. As long as hope remains healthy, it is a match
for evil; about good, no one can be so sure.
-Lance Morrow, submitted by Tess B., Salt Lake City, Utah


It looks like the U.S. has a gigantic decision to make in the next
few weeks about whether to go to war with Iraq. While I have strong
feelings about promoting peace and avoiding war, I respect that some
folks may have different perspectives. My greatest fear is not that
we will have another war. My greatest fear is that individuals who
have given up hope will not voice their opinions. This forces our
leaders to make decisions without the input of the people they are
leading and that is DANGEROUS!

The White House has an opinion line open during business hours:
202-456-1111. After a few automated steps, a live operator will
thank you for saying “I oppose” or “I approve.” You can also
contact your congressional representatives to let them know what you
think. Here is a website that searches your reps by state or zip

Whatever your opinions about this conflict and any other issue, I
urge you to retain your HOPE by acting on what you think/feel!


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