Ripples v5.00: Ripples of TRAVELING!


If you let your spirit out, where would it go?
-source unknown, submitted by Annmarie H., Philadelphia, PA


The world is a book,
and those who do not travel
read only one page.
-St. Augustine, submitted by Joshua F., New Zealand



I am home from a magnificent journey that allowed me to experience the remarkable
country of New Zealand.

My adventures included swimming with Dusky Dolphins; kayaking in the majestic
Fjordland where tree-covered mountains rise directly from the sea; and hiking through
rainforests that were dense with ferns, trees, and just so much green! If you’ve seen
either of the Lord of the Rings movies, you have seen a taste of New Zealand posing as
Middle Earth: I urge you to see it for yourself!

It feels good to be home, of course, after a month of suitcases and hotels and rental cars.
I think my adventure served to give me a peek of our great big world, and to remind me
how cozy my home is, how comfortable my bed is. I am glad I went, and I am glad I am
home again!


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