Ripples v11.29: Living Through Chaos!

Ripples v11.29: Living Through Chaos!
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Monday, July 27, 2009


Live through chaos to create beauty,
compassion, gratitude and change.
-created by longtime Ripples submitter Mary G., Peoria AZ, using “magnetic poetry” magnets



Chaos can be a positive thing.
Chaos is inherently part of the creative act.
To embrace creativity means you must also embrace chaos.
Things don’t happen when everything is neat and “just so”.
Creativity is all about disruption.
The people who tell you that creativity is pain-free are liars.
The people who tell you they’ve got a plan are liars.
There is no plan. There’s just you, God and the need to invent.
And this uncertain world is what most of us
now find ourselves entering, willingly or otherwise.
-Hugh Mcleod, submitted by Wendy B., Toronto, Canada


Sometimes life is more chaotic and uncertain than we would like, and it might lead us to ask, “Is it worth it?”

We all have to find our own answer, but after experiencing a rather chaotic few weeks and wondering that more than once, my highest and bestest self knows only one answer:

Oooooohhhhhhh YES it is worth all the chaos for the rich and delicious life that comes with it.

Seek the support you need this week, and remember to breathe (I promise I’m doing lots of both!).


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