Ripples v11.28: Packing for Today!

Ripples v11.28: Packing for Today!
The Ripples Project is a tribe of 22,458
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Monday, July 20, 2009


What do you pack to pursue a dream,
and what do you leave behind?
-Sandra Sharpe



Every morning, every day, we leave our houses, not knowing if it will be for the last time, and we decide what we’ll take with us, what we’ll carry: how much integrity, how much truth-telling, how much compassion (in case somebody along the way may need some), how much arrogance, how much anger, how much humor, how much willingness to change or be changed, to grow and to be grown. How much faith and hope, how much love and gratitude; you pack these with your lunch and medications, your date book and your papers. Every day, we gather what we think we’ll need, pick up what we love and all that we so far believe, put on our history, shoulder our experience and memory, take inventory of our blessings, and we start walking toward morning.
-Victoria Safford, submitted by Terry H., Franklin WI


I can tell from the large volume of “out of office auto-replies” I’ve been receiving over the past several weeks that many members of our Ripples tribe have embarked on vacation adventures. I thought this week’s theme might be an especially fresh metaphor to consider, and I hope you can spend time this week pondering what you carry around with you on a daily basis. Just like your last trip, you may find that you consistently pack way too much of some things that aren’t particularly helpful (e.g. jealously, anger, fear) and perhaps forgetting to include some of the really useful treasures that could help make your journey a more exciting adventure (hope, patience, presence).

And whether your travels are literal or metaphorical, I hope yours are filled with joy and learning. Oh, and something else too:



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