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We don’t receive wisdom; we must discover it for ourselves after a journey
that no one can take for us or spare us.
original source: Marcel Proust, submitted by: nonny1


The world passes through me,
as I pass through the world.
And so,
as I complete my travels
around the world,
so the world completes its travels
through me.

written & submitted by: Leslie Stephany


I hope that all of our Ripples subscribers (who now total over 2,300!) made
it safely to their Thanksgiving destinations and home again. My entire
month of November was filled with traveling adventures to Florida,
Louisiana, and several spots around Wisconsin. In all the airports and on
all the miles of roads I traversed, I was one of countless other travellers
busy concentrating on where we were going and how soon we could get there.
It reminded me that if we aren’t careful, we can end up spending our whole
lives travelling without ever getting there. Let’s spend this week
enjoying the ride!

ALSO: we have four more Ripples until the end of the year. Let’s make
them the BEST Ripples yet! Can you take a few minutes this week to scour
your files for some top notch inspiration!

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