Ripples v1.47: Ripples of CONNECTING

Ripples: a free weekly dose of inspiration from Stone Soup Seminars
version 1.47 [Monday, December 6, 1999] ©1999 Stone Soup Seminars


If you want to lift yourself up,
lift up someone else.
Original Source: Booker T. Washington, submitted by Barbara Slagle


If you feel something, let people know that you feel it.
Don’t you get tired of those stoic faces that don’t show anything?
If you feel like laughing, laugh.
If you like what somebody says, go up and give them a hug.
Spontaneity again, living again, knowing what it is like to tingle.
Original Source: Leo Buscaglia, submitted by Becca Rodamsky


Here we are, heading right into the holiday season when everything is
supposed to be fun and relaxing but it often ends up being stressful and

As you move through your week, notice that you are not the only one on
“high speed” as we try to wrap up the year, get ready for the holidays, and
deciding what the heck we are going to on December 31.

If you can slow down and try to connect, even briefly, with the people
around you (those you know and those you don’t!), you might find the
quality of your week vastly improving!

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