Ripples v1.35: Ripples of Choices

Ripples, version 1.35 [9/13/99] ©1999 Stone Soup Seminars


People can change at any age.
Where there is life, there is possibility.
Even ancient beliefs can be overturned or replaced in a matter of moments.
We are the River!

Original source: “Happiness is a Choice” by Barry Neif, submitted by Carol


Isn’t life glorious! Isn’t it grand!
Here-take it- hold it tight in your hand;
Squeeze every drop of it into your soul,
Drink of the joy of it, sun-sweet and whole!
Laugh with the love of it, burst into song!
Scatter its richness as you stride along!
Isn’t life splendid and isn’t it great?
We can always start living – it’s never too late!

Original source: Helen Lowrie Marshall, submitted by Lucia Patritto


I just spent a truly awesome day with a dynamic group of individuals at
Lawrence University and while I confess to being exceptionally exhausted, I
was so fired up that I had to come home and crank out this issue of Ripples
before I fell into bed.

One of the many topics we covered was “Attitude Adjusting” and how often we
forget the CHOICES we have. Most of our lives have been filled with
challenges (the technical terms for these challenges are “crap” “yucky
stuff” or “poop”), and sometimes these things get us down.

Remember: How you feel right now is not a result of what has happened in
your life. How you feel right now is a result of how you INTERPRET what
has happened in your life. And it may be time to stop letting something
from your past continue to be a barrier. Instead, look at it as a
challenge, see what lessons it has to offer. Then take those lessons and
dump the rest of it out the window!

Peace to you,

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