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The rainbow is more beautiful than the pot at the end of it, because the rainbow is now.
The pot comes later and never turns out to be quite what you expect.
Original Source: Hugh Prather
Submitted by: Nick Papandria


I will keep an open mind.
I will not allow college to have been the best years of my life.
I will smell the roses.
I will not wait until tomorrow.
I will not graduate only to become what I despise.
I will not go quietly.
I will talk to him/her.
I will remember that “this too shall pass.”
I will squeeze the most out of this life.
I will not be a victim.
I will keep things in perspective.
I will do what you think I can’t do.
I will live today.
Original Source: unknown
Submitted by: Martha Schmitt


While many Ripples subscribers are on an “academic calendar” and thus
preparing to start another year, I thought the rest of us needed a reminder
that we are ALL students in some sense. Now is a great time to reflect on
your state of mind. If you have been focusing on yucky stuff lately,
perhaps it is time to change your major! Stop for just a moment and grab a
scrap piece of paper. Jot down three things that are AWESOME about your
life. Think about them for a bit before you proceed with your week.

And Peace to you!


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