Ripples v1.24: Ripples of Leadership

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Leadership is action, not position.
Original source unknown, submitted by: Luke Brady


To know why to do something is WISDOM.
To know how to do it is SKILL.
To know when to do it is JUDGEMENT.
To strive to do it best is DEDICATION.
To do it for the benefit of others is SERVICE.
To want to help others is COMPASSION.
To do this quietly is HUMILITY.
To get the job done is ACHIEVEMENT.
To inspire and motivate others to do all these things is LEADERSHIP.
Original Source Unknown, found on the University of New Hampshire website
and submitted by Sara Matthews


This week found me returning to hang out with the leaders of the Wisconsin
Chapter of Meeting Professionals International. They volunteered to give
up a gorgeous sunny Friday in June to explore the potential of their
leadership and I was honored to be a part of it. During our conversation,
we examined the role that self esteem plays in leadership. We all agreed
that the lower our self esteem is, the more difficult it is to delegate
tasks and say “no” to things that we don’t have interest or time for. This
leads to feeling overwhelmed, burned out, and even LOWER self esteem!

Do yourself a favor right NOW: jot down a list of accomplishments you’ve
achieved this year that you are proud of. They might be small things or
huge things or a bit of both. Take a moment to appreciate that you are
AWESOME and that your presence makes a difference on this planet. And by
the way, thanks for reading Ripples every week. I hope they are as good
for you as they are for me!
Peace to you!

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