Ripples v1.15: RIPPLES OF PEACE..…

Ripples, version 1.15 [4/26/99] An electronic postcard from Stone Soup


Peace is not
something you WISH for.

Peace is
something you MAKE,
something you DO,
something you ARE
something you GIVE AWAY.

Original Source: Robert Fulghum (submitted by me–not due to a lack of
wonderful submissions–I just thought we needed to think about PEACE this


This week gave me the opportunity to spend time with folks from the
Illinois Dept on Aging in Chicago, Bloomington, and Mt. Vernon before
dashing off to Milwaukee to spend a day at Pius XI High School and then an
evening at a leadership retreat for high school students interested in
learning about diversity. In the middle of my travels, I was stunned by
the news from Littleton, Colorado. I think many of us feel completely
helpless as we hear about yet another act of unthinkable violence. Add to
that the daily horror stories from Kosovo, and it just seems unbearable.

While these problems may seem overwhelming, I am convinced we can bring
about peace in the world by creating peace in our own lives. A simple yet
powerful response to the acts in Kosovo and Littleton: make peace with
someone in your life. Whether it is a family member, coworker, neighbor,
classmate, or former friend, your efforts will create ripples of peace that
will reach Littleton, Kosovo, Ireland, the Middle East, and everywhere that
peace needs to be.

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