Ripples #776: Presence.

Ripples #776: Presence. For our tribe of busy people who believe in unleashing Ripples of compassion & kindness: uRock! 7 Apr 2014


: I and mine do not convince by arguments, similes, rhymes; We convince by our presence. -Walt Whitman, shared by Marc in State College, PA


: There is a quality in a few unique individuals which I can only best describe as acceptance. In the presence of such persons, I feel safe, at home, and eager to share and learn. Their attitude toward life is gentle and affirming, and this in turn brings out the best and the deepest in me, and makes me feel, somehow, capable of all the good I have ever hoped to accomplish. -Alex Noble, shared by Bruce in Milwaukee, WI


: When my buddy Bruce shared this week’s Boulder a few weeks ago, I immediately thought of two gals in my life: my aunts Miriam and Florence who happen to be nuns and who also happen to be two of the wisest, funnest, sassiest and awesomest people I’ve ever encountered on this planet. Whenever I’m around them, I feel accepted for precisely who I am at the moment and at the same time invited to learn and grown and expand myself and my possibilities. They make it easy to laugh and cry and ponder and explore and discuss, sometimes all at the same time! As luck would have it, I was able to visit them unexpectedly last week; as usual, I returned home with a replenished spirit and a renewed outlook on my work and life. I hope you have people like this in your life, and I hope you can take a moment this week to acknowledge their presence. Visit them in person or send a note of thanks with a specific example of how your life is better with their presence. And don’t just ponder this one….I dare you to follow through and connect with them. Peace, Paul P.S. If you really want to honor their presence, make sure that in addition to HAVING people like this in your life, you also strive to BE that person for others in your life.

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