Ripples #775: Planting Seeds.

Ripples #775: Planting Seeds.
For our tribe of busy people who believe in
unleashing Ripples of compassion & kindness: uRock!
31 Mar 2014


Don’t judge each day
by the harvest you reap,
but by the seeds that you plant.
-Robert Louis Stevenson, shared by Edna in Oxon Hill, MD


Every thought is a seed.
If you plant crab apples,
don’t count on harvesting
Golden Delicious.
-Bill Meyer, shared by Amy in Charlotte, NC


While spring takes its sweet time to rev up to full speed, I thought maybe you and I could spend some time this week considering what seeds we could plant now to ensure a bountiful harvest later on:

1.  We could plant some kindness with friends or strangers that will sprout karmic blooms just when we need some brightness to appear in our life.

2.  Another option could involve planting some discipline in the form of hard work on a project that has been ignored; the rich harvest of success will taste sooo good even if the work isn’t as enjoyable as play time.

3.  Finally, we could decide to plant some acorns of forgiveness, letting our soul release long-stored hard feelings towards a person or event from the past.  By putting these deep in the ground, they can begin a slow yet powerful transformation from painful memories into sturdy reminders that we often grow stronger from the tough stuff.  Acorns become oaks.

Are you in?


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