Ripples #749: Have Your Say.

Ripples #749:  Have Your Say.
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30 Sep 2013


You can have your say,
but you can’t always have your way.
-source unknown, shared by Liz in Madison, WI


With the story of your life,
you don’t get to
write the whole book,
just your character.
-Olivia Munn, shared by Tami in Madison, WI


Sometimes when I’m getting overwhelmed with all the STUFF I have going on, my best friend gently reminds me to create a list of everything on my to do list. Many of the things on my list involve attempts to manage the minutiae of everything unfolding around me, as if I really had the ability to control every outcome.  Trying to control everything can be exceedingly frustrating.  And exhausting.  And impossible.  Eventually, I’m reminded that I am at my best when I concentrate my energy and focus on the few projects that can most impact my effectiveness and enjoyment. As for all the rest of it?  Well, I strive to L.I.G.:  Let. It. Go.

I hope you can focus YOUR time and energy this week, and have your say about what matters most.  And with everything else?  L.I.G.  I dare you!

Peace 2u!
The Ripples Guy

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