Ripples #748: Harvesting Success!

Ripples #748: Harvesting Success!
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23 Sep 2013


Striving for success
without hard work
is like trying to harvest
where you haven’t planted.
-David Bly, shared by Courtney in Durand, MI


Nature, by example,
shows us anything worthwhile
comes over time.
Anything worthwhile
grows methodically,
building on a strong foundation.
Develop a willingness
to carry on despite roadblocks.
-Jaren L. Davis


Students and educators have begun their fall terms and many others are working hard as we head toward the the last quarter of the year.  Now is a great time to commit to persevere through the difficulties that inevitably arise in school, work, and or life.

Remember that facing and embracing the challenges isn’t always EASY, but it is always WORTH IT.  Do what you can to make sure you’ll have a bountiful harvest of success this week, this year, and this lifetime.

Peace 2u!
The Ripples Guy

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