Ripples #739: What Makes Us?

Ripples #739: What Makes Us?
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22 July 2013


Under constant revision is the poem that I be.
-Blue Scholars, shared by Paul in San Luis Obispo, CA


It’s not what we eat
but what we digest
that makes us strong;
not what we gain
but what we save
that makes us rich;
not what we read
but what we remember
that makes us learned; and
not what we profess
but what we practice
that gives us integrity.
-Francis Bacon, shared by Jeremiah in Saginaw, MI


I know the week is just beginning and yours might be really hectic and such….but I’ve been doing a bit of pondering lately about how to ensure that this brief email splash we’ve been sending out for for a while moves beyond encouraging you to *feel* better about yourself and your world…..and inspire you to *do* better for yourself and your world.

How we think and how we feel are both important components of our identity, yet I believe it may be that how we *act* remains the most crucial opportunity we have to demonstrate WHAT MAKES US. So the question I have for you today, my friend and fellow rippler: What actions might reveal your best self this week? On your mark, get set, GO!

Peace 2u!
The Ripples Guy
p.s. There are 2 actions that would help RIPPLES:
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